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At Eminent Mortgage Design, Inc. we understand the the stress and uncertainty of buying you first home, which is why we try to make it as easy as possible.

First Time Home Buyer

  • Our policy is always to put ourselves in the customers "shoes." It is our goal to prove to you, the customer, that you could not have gotten a better deal anywhere else.
  • Multiple programs for first time home buyers including government backed programs
  • Multiple payment options including interest only payments which will keep more cash in your pocket.
  • Close your loan in weeks and make sure you get into the home of your dreams

Common First Time Buyer Questions

  • A couple of good questions to ask yourself are: How much of a monthly payment can I/We afford? Can I prove my income? Do I have any money to put down? Even if you answered "no" to some of these questions, that is o.k. We just want to start narrowing down loans programs for you.
  • Should I get pre-approved? YES make sure that you call Eminent Mortgage TODAY and get pre-approved
  • Make sure and check out our Mortgage Resources and find out everything from how to repair your credit, and full explanation of mortgage programs and terms.

No Money Down First Time Buyer Programs

  • Eminent Mortgage offers one of the best no money down programs on the market today come to closing with as little as $500 and walk away wit the keys to your new home
  • First time buyers receive special perks with dealing with Eminent Mortgage make sure you fill out or online mortgage application or call us at 866-559-4694.
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