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At Eminent Mortgage we can help you leverage the current equity in your home to pay off those high interest credit cards, medical bills, or even high interest rate car loans. 

How Debt Consolidation Second Mortgages Work

  • You may be familiar with a traditional first mortgage since you probably have one on your current home already, so what’s a second mortgage? It’s simply another mortgage on your home – a loan secured against the property.

Debt Consolidation Second Mortgage Benefits

  • Lower Rates. With credit cards and even car loans, exceeding mortgage rates you can easily save hundreds of not thousands of dollars on your monthly payments.
  • Flexible Payments. Unlike traditional credit card and other high interest debt a debt consolidation second mortgage can offer you flexible payments such as interest only and interest plus principal allowing you to determine how much you pay each month.
  • Tax Deductible. One of the great things about second mortgages is that the interest is generally 100% tax deductible. There are no tax deductions when paying interest on car loans, credit cards or even medical bills

Simple, Fast, And Effective

  • The great thing about securing a second mortgage for debt consolidation with Eminent Mortgage is that we make the process simple. Once we find a customized program for you we pay your creditors for you, there is no need for you to send them all checks because we take care of the process 100% start to finish.
  • Make sure you call Eminent Mortgage today and find out how a debt consolidation second mortgage can save you money each month and over the life of your debt.
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