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If ever you are in need of borrowed funds, one practical and handy source of credit is a home equity line. To begin with, a home equity credit line will offer you a large amount of cash with a comparatively low rate of interest. It also gives you some tax benefits not available with other kinds of loans.

Home Equity Line Of Credit Benefits

  • What makes a Home Equity Line of Credit so popular is that interest paid is usually deductible under federal and most state income tax laws; this makes that cost of borrowing money not as high!
  • You can borrow against the equity in your own home without the high interest of a traditional signature loan or by using your credit cards
  • Unlike a second mortgage you can reuse your home equity line of credit at any time you don't have to reapply for the line of credit over and over again

Considerations For Your Home Equity Line Of Credit

  • No HELOC application fee or at least the fee will be refunded at closing.
  • No home loan appraisal or closing costs - we have plenty of no-cost options available that you shouldn't have to pay a HELOC appraisal fee.
  • No HELOC account maintenance or check-writing fees - Lenders already make money when you write checks on the home equity credit line.
  • Since ALL HELOCs rates change ours offer a lifetime cap on rate increases.
  • Ability to convert to a fixed rate loan. When rates do rise, people often get skittish about their variable-rate debt. A useful feature is the ability to convert your HELOC loan into a standard fixed-rate, fixed-term home equity loan.
  • Our programs allow you unrestricted ability to repay principal without penalty.
  • The Eminent Mortgage Difference

  • These are just a few of the benefits and considerations of securing your home equity line of credit with Eminent Mortgage, our mortgage specialists can look at your unique situation and find the right program for you.
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