Home Equity Loans
125% Second Mortgage E-mail
One of the hottest products in the mortgage market is the 125% second mortgage. This is a program which allows you to borrow up to 125% of the current value of your home. These are great programs for debt consolidation and home improvement.
Home Improvement Home Equity Loan E-mail
Your home is probably the most important investment you will ever make. Every dollar you spend to improve it is a wise investment in your future.
Debt Consolidation Second Mortgage E-mail
At Eminent Mortgage we can help you leverage the current equity in your home to pay off those high interest credit cards, medical bills, or even high interest rate car loans. 
Home Equity Line Of Credit E-mail
If ever you are in need of borrowed funds, one practical and handy source of credit is a home equity line. To begin with, a home equity credit line will offer you a large amount of cash with a comparatively low rate of interest. It also gives you some tax benefits not available with other kinds of loans.
Second Mortgage Loan Programs E-mail
If you are currently satisfied with your first mortgage, it may be possible to obtain a second mortgage. A second mortgage is defined as: A second lien created on a properties title. In addition, a second mortgage usually is a smaller loan amount than the first, and generally carries a higher interest rate.

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