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Refinance FAQ E-mail
Get all the FAQs on refinancing such as "Why Should I Refinance My Mortgage?" and "What Closing Costs Are Involved In Refinancing?". Get all the FAQs here in our online refinance FAQ. 
Mortgage Refinance E-mail
This means a couple of things. The most important thing to realize is that the lender will not just fork over a new, lower interest rate. You will be asked to bring in income documentation, and your credit score will be checked, just like with your original mortgage. This means, of course, that there will be fees involved. You will have to pay closing costs on this mortgage just as you did initially.
ARM Loans: What Are They? E-mail
Adjustable rate mortgages can help you get the house you want, and save you money every month once you're in it. They're most useful to homebuyers who expect to stay in their homes for only a few years, or who expect their incomes to climb in the future.
Closing Costs E-mail
Find out everything you need to know about closing costs, what they are, who they go to and how to reduce them in our online closing costs resources.
Bad Credit Mortgages E-mail
Bad credit won't necessarily keep you from getting a mortgage, but it will mean paying higher interest rates in the subprime mortgage market. Predatory lenders lurk in these waters. Learn how to recognize them, and you'll be able to swim out of harm's way and freely shop for the best deal.
Mortgage And Finance Terms E-mail
With so many unique terms in the mortgage and finance industry its easy for people to get confused. Read our Finance Terms cheet sheet and learn the different between an ARM and CAP.

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