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Eminent Mortgage offers many Adjustable Rate Mortgage programs. ARM loans are for the home owner or home buyer who wish to keep their montly payments low for the next few years in anticipation of either an increase in income or if they plan to keep their home under 5 years.

Lower Your Monthly Payment

  • Adjustable rate mortgage loans can offer you a lower monthly payment over traditional fixed rate programs
  • With the lower rate an ARM offers you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your monthly payment
  • You can use you increased cash flow to:
    • Pay off high interest rate credit cards
    • Pay for home improvement projects
    • Contribute to your 401k
    • Secure investments and investment properties
    • Pay for your child's college tuition
    • The choice is yours

Customized Approach Just For You

  • We don't have a one sized fits all approach, we fit and customize our programs to fit you and your current financial situation
  • The average homeowner moves every 5-10 years why be stuck in a long term 30-year mortgage
  • We have programs with fixed rates for three, five or seven years so you can keep that low rate for years to come

How Adjustable Rate Mortgages Work

  • Your rate is fixed for the first few years depending on your ARM
  • After this initial fixed-rate your interest rate will adjust one to two points each year
  • What this means to you is your payment may nor may not change over the life of your loan
  • Interest only options allow for a very low monthly payment allowing you to determine when you pay the principal on your loan

Is An ARM Right For You

  • If you are looking to lower your monthly mortgage payment and interest rate, YES
  • If you plan to stay in your home under seven years, YES
  • If you need a temporary increase in cash flow for the next three, five or seven years, YES
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