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  At Eminent Mortgage Design, Inc. we believe that if a loan can be done, we can get it done. With hundreds of programs to pick from, we have the tools to accomodate any type of client with any type of credit.

Credit Problems? No Problem

  • Worried about your current credit situation? Well don't at Eminent Mortgage we look at your full credit and financial situation and help find you the best rate with the lowest monthly payment.
  • Most of our clients who worry about their credit have nothing to worry about
  • We work with 100s of banks just because your local bank was looking for an 800 credit score doesn't mean there aren't 100s of other programs available just for hard working home owners like you

We Treat Everyone As First Class Customers

  • We don't label anyone as being a "bad credit" customer
  • We don't charge customer's any more or less for "good" or less then perfect credit, we understand that life happens and everyone has a unique situation
  • When using Eminent Mortgage you will receive first class treatment and get the rates and service you deserve

Planning For Your Financial Future

  • Not only does Eminent Mortgage provide great services and products to our clients we also help our clients plan for their financial future.
  • If for what ever reason we are unable to qualify you for a mortgage, rest assured that our mortgage specialists will offer the best advice on how to get your financial road blocks out of the way.
  • With years of experience in the mortgage industry, make sure you call Eminent Mortgage or apply online and let our mortgage specialists work miracles for you.
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