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 With the number of real estate foreclosures on the rise, real estate investment is following suit. Many real estate agents can testify to the number of prospective homebuyers proclaiming that they would like to buy a foreclosure, and for some not just one.

Zero Down On Investment Property

  • Yes thats right we are still offering zero down on investment property mortgage loans
  • Not only are we offering zero down programs but we have several other low downpayment programs available.
  • What ever your investment goals are we have a program to fit your needs.

Multiple Programs Available

  • Most investors are searching for limited income documentation loans such as stated income, no income documentation, and no ratio loans. Eminent Mortgage offers the best rates and financing for all types of limited documentation loans.

Multiple Payment Options

  • As an investor your are probably looking for flexible payment options with Eminent Mortgage we offer a variety of payment programs to fit your investment needs.
  • We are currently offering a minimum payment option which is factored at a 1% rate, we are also offering interest only, principal and interest, and fifteen-year-fixed payment options.
  • These programs can help landlords or sellers to create cash flow or lighten the burden of vacancy in a slow market.
  • Make sure to speak with one of our mortgage specialists so we can fit a program to meet your current investment mortgage needs.
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